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What’s new in V-Ray 6 for SketchUp

What’s new in V-Ray 6 for SketchUp? here is Vray 6 new properties and innovations for Sketchup;

V-Ray & Enscape compatibility

Introducing the most powerful visualization workflow in the AEC industry. With V-Ray 6, you can transfer your real-time scenes from Enscape and continue building on your work to take it to the highest possible level of photorealism.

With support for Enscape materials, lights and compatible 3D models, V-Ray ensures that all design decisions are kept throughout the project

Chaos Cloud Collaboration

With Chaos Cloud Collaboration you can upload your images and image panoramas straight from the V-Ray Frame Buffer and significantly speed up the approval process.

Procedural clouds

Add just the right clouds for your scene without spending hours browsing through HDRI libraries. The new procedural cloud system gives you a flexible and memory-efficient way to create any cloudy sky and animate it for impressive timelapse presentations.

V-Ray Enmesh

Create complex geometric patterns over object surfaces to make panels, fences, fabrics, and more in an automated and memory-efficient way.

Finite Dome light

Fine-tune the scale and add depth to the environment of your project when using image-based lighting with this new V-Ray Dome Light mode.

Distance Texture

Vary effects such as displacement or procedural fur based on proximity to create a realistic correlation between the elements in your composition. Create a well-trodden path through your procedural lawn or form dark spots under downspouts.

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