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Vray 7 release date

The release date of vray 7 is not yet known, but Is Vray 7 coming soon? This question is starting to be asked more and more in the industry. What are the planned innovations of Vray 7? Will there be a complete change? When will Vray 7 be released? We also thought hard and researched for you. Here are the answers…


We’ll start with V-Ray, our industry-leading photorealistic rendering solution. Open source 3D software Blender has built a huge and passionate user base, and its regular updates and free nature have attracted everyone from startups to major studios. People often ask us if V-Ray for Blender will be a thing and our answer is yes, it will! We are currently working on it.

V-Ray will also receive significant improvements to ensure compatibility and accessibility across various platforms and tools. We’re working to build on this with the Bridge between V-Ray and Enscape, and support for USD and MaterialX, which helps our customers work seamlessly across different platforms and with studios around the world.


This leads us to Enscape, our real-time rendering and visualization tool. By bringing V-Ray and Enscape feature sets closer together, we enable seamless workflows and eliminate Enscape FOMO syndrome. Consider Cloud Collaboration support and integrated access to over 5,000 assets in the Chaos Cosmos library; so you can move projects between programs smoothly and without fear.

But we’re also adding something to Enscape that architects will love: a real-time building performance module that analyzes the energy efficiency of your BIM model as it’s created and modified.

That’s not all: Enscape will also feature an AI-powered real-time solution for hand-drawn rendering of stylized visuals, as well as integrated GPU and mobile rendering capabilities. FOMO, it’s your turn for V-Ray users!

Corona Renderer
Now let’s talk about Corona, our photorealistic renderer known for its ease of use and high-quality output. We increase teamwork and workflow efficiency with support for Cloud Collaboration, .vrscene files, and Chaos Vantage. And now it’s time to focus…

Have you ever wondered why so many movies now feature sunset or sunrise scenes? All of this is made possible thanks to LED stages, which allow directors, cinematographers, and VFX artists to place actors in front of virtual environments with a fully customizable background, allowing for syrupy golden hour shots at any time of day.

With Vantage for Virtual LED Stage, we are working to bring the superior visuals of Chaos Vantage to this pioneering VFX technique. This integration means that no matter which digital content creation (DCC) suite you use, the workflow is completely seamless, from 3D model to final shot. And when you need to examine those epic environments for yourself, you’ll find support for more virtual reality headsets.

Cylindo users will also benefit from world-building technology with the integration of AI-generated Lifestyle Snapshots into Cylindo Studio. Now you can instantly transform your product images into stunning, photorealistic images that showcase your products in nearly unlimited settings.

We also offer customer portals for instant visualization services and develop workflows for creating and distributing content for digital marketing, sales and branding teams.

Chaos Cosmos
More AI: Chaos Cosmos, the asset library that is growing in size and becoming an important part of the Chaos ecosystem, will begin creating chat-oriented material. Specify the material you want and then tailor it to the exact needs of your project by adding scratches or logos, making it more metallic, or just turning it up to 11.

Storytelling platform
New from Chaos is a standalone product for rapid archival storytelling. This solution will accept and combine scenes directly from any Enscape or V-Ray integration, allowing you to quickly develop your scene, explore design variations, animate possibilities, and even edit crowds and traffic.

The storytelling platform will also work across all products supported by Chaos, so you can get up and running quickly and never get bogged down.

Smoother customer collaboration and reviews
We aim to revolutionize design collaboration with a platform that enables real-time 3D design reviews and seamless collaboration for teams and clients regardless of their location, device or even platform.

“By prioritizing accessibility and encouraging engagement through photorealistic 3D experiences, we are redefining the way architects, designers, artists and clients connect and communicate, breaking down barriers and creating a truly unified experience for everyone.”

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